Wednesday, December 1, 2010

When to Exercise...

A friend of mine recently told me that I need to tell you guys how much exercise I really do to stay in shape.
I only do the recomended work out for the day for the program that I am doing.  If I am doing Turbo Jam all I do in one day is one workout.  I am not going to the gym and running on the treadmill for hours like they do in the biggest losser.

I have lost all my weight pound by pound over time, I lost it slowly which my doctor said was the best way.
I like to workout to certain programs, and I have tried all sorts of stuff and the Beachbody programs are by far the best and I feel that I am getting lost of bang for my buck.

When I began to exercise I strugled to know when the best time of day to do it was.  The simple anwser is the best time is the time of day that you have avalible, and the time you can give it your all.

If you are not a morning person don't worry about it, you can do it at night too.

I have learned some tricks and number one is to do your workout on an empty stomach.  When you workout on an empty stomach your body looks for stored fat to give you energy.  So instead of burning the food you just ate you can burn body fat.

I found that I get sick to my stomach when I workout when I have something in my stomach.  but some people need a little something in the morning before they get going.  Try it out and do what works for you becasue we are all a little different.

Make sure that you set aside time to get your workout done and make it non negotiable.  Think of it as an apointment for you and you deserve to be healthy.  It takes 21 days to form a habit so keep that in mind when you begin and just push play.

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